Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Long Sleeve Dress.

Hey everyone! This might be a little late but I totally forgot to show you what I wore on Easter. I know it isn't the brightest of colors but I got this recently and I really love it. It is so perfect for Spring because where I live we really don't get a Spring it's more like Winterish weather with a hint of warmer weather.
This is another purchase from Venus and of course I am obsessed. I think my fave part about it is the fact it has sleeves, the second I seen it I had to get it.

I had to take this second photo below because in the shots above you can't really see my lipstick or my necklace so here it is:

The lipstick is a really nice purple (though it looks a little pinkish in this shot), it is called "Passion" & the necklace is leopard print because we all know how much I love animal prints haha :)

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week :D

Monday, 27 April 2015

Chillin' out Maxin', Relaxing all Cool!

Sundays are my favourite days. It’s the only day that i’m not working, and I get to relax or do something fun. Yesterday I spent the morning just relaxing in my comfortable onsie and did a bit of reading. It just feels nice to not have to think about anything and just enter another world for a little while. Afterwards I decided to do some drawing because it’s been a while and I felt like I really needed it. Like I said in another post, drawing is almost therapeutical for me and so drawing just feels nice. Also, me and my sister ordered cheeseburgers because we really wanted them and they were so good. It’s been so long since I last had one. Sunday evening, one of my friends and I went to the movies and had some popcorn and just had a laugh. And to end off the night, I watched the newest episode “Once Upon a Time” and had some very tasty dessert. I can’t believe OUAT finale is almost here. It makes me sad because I love the show so much. So, overall it’s been a nice, relaxing day which I really needed. 

What’s a relaxing day like for you guys? 

Friday, 24 April 2015

All about that Jacket!

We were supposed to have a snowstorm at the start of this week but it literally just passed right by us, we got so lucky. Instead, we were blessed with some decent weather and some sunshine. The snow is starting to melt away, as well, with just patches of snow here and there. It makes me so happy. It feels nice going outside without having to wear two sweaters and a winters coat, literally. The jacket I am wearing is literally my favourite jacket ever. I'm not lying when I say that I have like a billion jackets yet this seems to be the only one I ever wear (minus the winter). I've actually been wearing this one for the past 2-3 years. I don't know why I even bother buying new ones. But, of course it's nice to switch it up. But, yeah, it's like my go-to jacket, pretty much my trademark, I guess you can say, and I will love it 'til the end of time.

So, what's the weather like where you live? Also, does anyone else have that one thing (like my jacket, for example) that they never want to let go of? 

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Zebra & Pom Pom's.

 Hey everyone! I took these photo's last week and the weather that day was a little chilly! (Actually a lot I took off my mittens and wanted to cry because my hands were so cold) Since this day though the weather has been pretty great! About 90% of the snow is gone and now I am starting to hear the birds singing again, which I love!

The blazer I am wearing was actually my sister's that she didn't want anymore and I was quick to take this hand me down. Though it is a little big on me I still like it. For a little pop of color I pulled out one of my yellow shirts :) This hat I got for Christmas and I'm obsessed with the big pompom on it, it is the cutest.

To finish the look I had on some heels (which you can barely see in these photo's)

What is your fave animal print?


Monday, 20 April 2015

Dresslink Wishlist.

Happy Monday everyone! Today's post is a little different and it's a post where we are updating together again! We recently got ask by Dresslink to do a review on some pieces of clothing. We took a look at their site and were pretty shocked by the prices. Everything is so cheap and they have some pretty cute stuff. We were asked to do a review on some of their clothes. While we are waiting for our items to arrive we are going to do a little wishlist, hope you enjoy!

The first two photos are what we are waiting to receive.
Kelsey - You can see this dress HERE.
The print of this dress is so amazing and the dress itself is so cute. The price is pretty low, but let's hope that the quality is okay. 

Kenecha - Once I seen this over the shoulder dress I had to get it, I am a sucker for over the shoulder things! Plus I love stripes and skirts that flare so this dress seems perfect for me :D You can check it out HERE. Such a great price too!

The prices on this site are insane, in a good way of course.
Here are a few other items that we thought were really cute.

These two items we are not receiving but wanted to show you because they are so cute! 
We both want a two piece and how cute is this one? Also we love shoes and these are so gorgeous!
You can see the 2-piece HERE & these shoes HERE.
You guys should defiantly check out their site if you like low prices, you might find something you really like. Once we receive our items, we will give a full review on the quality and our thoughts about our pieces.

Check out their site here : Dresslink

Friday, 17 April 2015

Choies Review.

Last month we were ask if we wanted to try some free clothing from Choies and do a review. We were like of course (I mean we love clothes) So we ordered our items and it took about 3-4 weeks to get here, which wasn't too bad it had to come all the way from China. So below are some photo's that we took wearing the items we received.

Kelsey - You can view my look here.
I thought, might as well get something perfect for spring and this little jacket caught my eye. I love the detail, and the colours. It's very artsy, a.k.a, so me. Oh, and the material is sooooo nice. It's thick and so soft. It's almost like a padded material and very cushiony. I was not expecting that at all. I was very much impressed with the quality and I feel like it will be great to wear this spring.

We also got this cute bracelet as well, look at the cute owl! You can view it here

Kenecha - You can view my look here.
 So I got this black Kimono. It is such a great material very loose and perfect for Spring/Summer months (which I am sure you all will see paired with another outfit at some point :D).

Overall we love what we received and would like to thank Jessica from Choies for giving us these free items to test out ourself, very kind of you x
Kelsey ordered a M for her jacket and it fit her perfectly. Kenecha ordered a L and it was a little big. Since we weren't sure on what sizes to order it turned out to work pretty much perfectly. Make sure to measure yourself before ordering :)

Before we leave you we would like to inform you about these other wonderful Summer items Choies has to offer you.
Lovely Swimwear
More Kimonos
Summer Dresses
We think you should really look around at the site, they have amazing things to offer :D

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Warmer Weather.

Hey everyone! I took these shots yesterday and believe it or not the weather was gorgeous, I didn't even need to wear a jacket. I took this time to wear my sweater that I got recently from Venus you can get it HERE, it is my new fave shirt. I don't wear headbands very often so I though I would break out my bow one that I had forever.
I am not sure how long the nice weather will last but all I know is the snow is melting fast (and I am little sad).

My fave part about this sweater is that it has pockets, I love that! Also it is a turtle neck but a loose one which I really like about it, I can't wear a tight turtle neck so it is perfect for me.

Are you enjoying the Spring weather?


Monday, 13 April 2015

Fur Coat!

As much as the weather sucks lately, we’ve been luckily getting a few sunny days in between. That means I get to wear my fur coat. It’s always too cold to wear it most days because the jacket isn’t very thick. But, when the sun comes out and makes it less chilly, then this jacket comes out, as well. I just love that it isn’t completely fur and it has the leather sleeves. The fur is also very soft which is very nice. 
 I bought these jeans a couple of months ago and I haven’t really had the chance to wear them but I love how well they fit me and how nice they look. I normally wear dark jeans but these are a bit lighter and I actually love them and i’m so happy that I bought them. I’ve been loving statement necklaces so much lately and my collection is starting to grow. The one I am wearing is so cool, it has an Egyptian kind of look, I guess, and I really like it. I love unique necklaces like this and I can’t wait to find more to buy. And the boots i’m wearing are like my favourite boots. (I know, I say every pair are my favourite pair…OBSESSION!) I love boots that have the fur around the edge, I have a few like that because it’s something that really stands out to me. They are just so cute. 
Hopefully we get many more nice days soon because I am loving the sunshine. Is anyone else still experiencing snow just like us? I am so ready to say goodbye to it, it just doesn’t want to leave.

Friday, 10 April 2015

March Faves!

Kelsey -

Once again i didnt have many favourites this month, I think it’s just because of been so busy that I didnt really get to enjoy anything. But, of course Once Upon a Time returned on March 1st after it’s winter break and I was so excited. It’s been my favourite show since like 2011, And i hate waiting for it to come back on. So, I was so happy to have it back through the month of March. Anyone else a fan?
You may think i’m crazy but this was probably my favourite mascara this month. I know a lot of people don’t really like it because it’s a little dry and what not. And to be honest, I hated it when I first got it, but i’ve grown to love it. Lately, I’ve just been going for a more natural look just wearing some mascara. I noticed that this one doesn’t go on too much so it gives it a little more natural look so it isn’t too bold or anything. And, because this is the only makeup I’m wearing, I didnt want some crazy thick eyelashes and my eyelashes are already kinda naturally long. So, I started using this one again and it’s been perfect for me. I just put a tiny bit on and it looks more subtle. It’s not too much but it’s enough to make me look more awake in the mornings which I need. So, yeah, I’ve really been using it practically everyday this month.

Kenecha - 

1: My first fave are these 3 perfumes, I had them forever and they are almost gone which makes me a little sad haha. They have a fruity smell & my fave one is the purple :)

2: These stackable rings are also my fave, I had them about a year ago and I still love them. I really love Avon products :)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone :D

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Happy Birthday!

Easter break has been crazy! I didn't get the chance to take any photos for you all or even think about doing so. This moment right here has been my only chance to really sit down and breathe. 
So as I was pondering on what to write today I realized it was a day I was not happy about coming today is my oldest dogs 6th birthday. I am sure many of you stopped reading by now but that is fine.

I got her in 2009 on a hot summers day, my other dog had just passed a few months before  and I wasn't ready for a new dog but one day my parent's surprised me with this puppy and she stole my heart right then and there. She was 8 weeks old and her previous owners didn't want her (meanwhile they only had her for 2 weeks and decided they didn't want her anymore.) so I never got the chance to name her myself. Over the years I got so attached that I actually call her my "baby" (also because I never want kids.) 
So today is her 6th birthday and I can't believe it I can still picture her as a puppy running around and learning new tricks. She has been such a blessing in my life and I can't picture not having her with me.
Also how cute is she as a puppy? & look how beautiful she turned out to be. Oh I can just squeeze her haha :)

Do you call your pets your fur babies as well? :)


Monday, 6 April 2015

Just be yourself

There are so many different people out there, with different personalities, different styles, different features. And you may find yourself wanting to look like someone else. Or be someone different. Their life may look perfect. But they could be looking at your life and thinking the same thing. 

If everyone was the same, how boring would life be? Everyone would wear the same thing and act the same way. There would be no diversity and no uniqueness. We are all made to be different, that’s what makes this world so beautiful. You were made to be you and we need someone like you, someone like each of us to create something beautiful. You want to be like somebody who matters but who you are already matters. It’s up to you to create your own style, a style that comes from the heart. I just wanted to remind everybody to Just be yourself because you complete this world the way you are. And by doing that you are helping create something truly beautiful. 

-  Happy Monday everybody. 

Friday, 3 April 2015

Easter photoshoot!

Heys Guys!! How are you? We did a little easter photo shoot with our easter outfits since this is the easter weekend. March flew by so quickly and April is here, like, wow!

Kelsey - I'm wearing my favourite polka-dot blouse and purple pants. I tend to wear blouses quite often. I guess it's my main look.  I'm wearing my black snow boots which i've been wearing so much lately. I just throw them on with every outfit just to makes sure my feet are nice and warm and that I can walk through the snow. By the way, You see the snow in that picture, we just received like another 30cm of snow since then. Just when we think it's the last of the snow, we get more. Not Cool.

Kenecha -  I wore my purple jacket and just a whole bunch of Easter colors :) I wanted to be playful and be bright for my look. During the shoot my bunny ears broke so that is why they one is up and the other is down :P

We hope you have a great Easter with family & friends :)