Thursday, 28 April 2016

Polka Dots!

Hey everyone! The weather has been so lovely lately. Chilly enough for me to still enjoy it and nice enough to get away with a little sweater. I got this black top on Choies a few months ago, it is huge on me! It is hard to tell what size to get when ordering online but I love baggy clothing so it has become a shirt I love to wear. I paired it with my polka dot leggings and my polka dot hair tie. 

Since the weather has been great my sister and I have started playing badminton again, I've been waiting for this it is our fave thing to do during the warmer months. What are you looking forward to doing again now that it is Spring? 


Thursday, 21 April 2016

Monday, 18 April 2016

Little walks!

Hey guys! We had a beautiful day yesterday and I thought I would take advantage of it and go for a little walk around the harbour with my little nephew and my sister. Today is not suppose to be great weather wise. I kept my outfit pretty casual with an old jean jacket and jeans and a basic under armour shirt and sneakers. I hope we get more sunny days soon because I love not having to wear heavy and warm coats. 
After we went around the harbour we brought my nephew to the playground where he had fun playing with all the little kids and chasing a kitty cat around who happened to be very friendly towards the kids. Eventually the cat left under the wire fencing and all the little kids were over in the corner looking out at it wanting to come back. Next thing I see is a little girl, probably a year or two older than Julian who is three running from there to the gate with my nephew following right behind her. While my sister ended up going to chase after him because they actually ran outside the fencing and ran the distance towards the fence, I heard the little girl say "We're gonna save the cat!" while running with Julian. Then her mother was yelling at her to come back inside she yelled out the same thing saying "but, we're going to save the cat" with Julian just ahead saying "we're gonna save the Tat!", his little legs running so quickly. It was the cutest thing. Maybe not for my sister, though, who was running right behind him to get him back inside. 
Lol, he wanted to push the stroller just before getting to the playground and just after leaving!
After that we walked to my other sisters house and ate our supper. At some point between that, he walked to the store with my and he took one of the carts walking around with it while the people were smiling and laughing lightly at him. I had actually thing checked in but then I realized he had one thing in his cart that he wanted and when I went to take it to check it in he told me to wait because he wanted to walk around one more time with it. Gosh, kids. But, I literally was not busy or in any hurry so I let him do it, plus I thought it was funny. Then, of course, we went back home. It was a lovely, simple day and the weather was great. So, that was my Sunday, how was yours? Do anything fun, or did you simply relax and take it easy?

- Kelsey - xx

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Hello, Spring!

Hey everyone! How are you? The weather has been so up and down lately, though recently it has been pretty decent. Yesterday was beautiful and I could get away with wearing this little floral sweater. The snow is all gone now which is a little depressing, but I guess I will just have to embrace the warmer weather haha. 

Have a great day x


Monday, 11 April 2016

Monday, 4 April 2016


This past summer while my friend and I were browsing a drugstore she stopped at what looked like bracelets for kids. She picked them up saying how she needed to get some. I was confused but said "Cool, what are they, bracelets?" And she shockingly says "No! You don't know what these are?" When I shake my head no she tells me that they are for your hair. Of course, that shocked me but I still wasn't really interested but she continued on to tell me how they are really good for ponytails and they give you that nice poof/volume at the top of your ponytail because of the spiraliness (I guess you could say).

She also told me how they are more comfortable, doesn't give you headaches and doesn't create kinks in your hair after wearing them like a pony tail does. Suddenly I found myself interested. I decided to get one to try it out. The only problem was they were all colourful and I wanted something that would blend in with my hair. There were, however, black ones but they were tiny and I thought that would not do for my hair, I wouldn't even get it wrapped around. So, I went with the blue one and she got a darker blue one. I tried it out, and first time I still seemed to have a headache like I would with a regular hair tie but that was the only time. Maybe, I just wasn't feeling that well anyway.

I ended up using it constantly for my buns. It still does create a kink, like how could you expect it not to, though. But, I noticed the kink was no where near as bad as it would be with other hair ties. I ended up letting my sister borrowed it as well and she also liked it so I decided to go and buy her one. I ended up buying two more for myself, an orange one (which I still haven't used) and a little black one because I thought maybe I could use it for a half up-do or something. I guess I should have mentioned that these things are actually pretty stretchy. It turns out that the tiny black one was enough to hold up my ponytail and enough to wrap around and hold it in place. I was so happy with that. That's the reason I have never used the orange one I had bought, I didn't need to when the black one was perfect. I even wrap my buns up with that little one. It's so tiny, that I never thought would be possible but It's so awesome because now it blends better with my hair.
(Look at the height of that pony-tail!)

I literally have not used a hair tie since the first day I bought one of these last summer and I am still using this exact same "SwirlyDo". That's the great thing about them, they don't seem to break or wear down. Hair ties always seem to break from being too fragile, or not stretchy enough to even wrap around my hair, or just stretch themselves our of shape from my hair being too thick. Plus, I always seem to lose them. Seriously, you have no idea how much I've grown to love my "SwirlyDo"'s! :D I always find them easily, and when you wear them on your arm, it doesn't feel tight or uncomfortable, it just feels like you're wearing a bracelet which is pretty cool. So, yeah, I just wanted to express my absolute love for these things that I probably would have walked past without a glance if it weren't for my friend (so, thanks friend!) and I never would have known how in love with them I would be.

Have you guys ever heard of them, or tried them out? What do you guys think of them? Let me know. :)

- Kelsey xx