Monday, 30 November 2015

Friday, 27 November 2015

November Favorites!

Hey guys! Can you believe it's almost December. It seems like yesterday was Halloween and yet November is almost over. Here's what we've been loving this month.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Eye Of The Tiger.

Hey everyone! This week is my last week of normal outfits I am going to start posting come Christmasy looks/posts and I am so excited to do so! I can't believe next week is December!
Anyways onto today's look I had this tiger sweater for a few years and it is my fave one to wear around the house, it is just so comfy! Anyone else have a go to sweater? Surprising I can still get away with wearing a little sweater this time of the year. Though the temps are slowly creeping down and I am very happy about that :)

Hope you all have a great day x


Monday, 23 November 2015

Cozy Evenings!

After feeling sick for the past week i'm finally feeling better but I have like no energy. So yesterday was a bit of a relaxed day and those are always so nice. I just sat and chilled for a bit with a nice cup of Hot Chocolate. I love relaxing in a sweater and warm leggings and some fuzzy socks!! It's super comfortable. Everybody likes different things, some people just like listening to music or having a bath. It's all about whatever relaxes you. I personally like to read a book to get my mind off of other things or draw because it cleanses my soul, if that makes since. I'm not much of a tv person (except for "Once Upon A Time" but sometimes I will watch something. Of course, last night the AMA's were on so I spent the end of my night watching that. Also, there are apparently a lot of Christmas movies on lately so I need to start turning on my tv because I'm missing them all. 

How do you guys spend a relaxing evening? What makes you feel good?

- Kelsey xx

Friday, 20 November 2015

What We Love About Fall.

Fall is such a beautiful time of year and we thought we would make a list saying what we love about fall, here we go!

1. Colder Weather: Those cooler days are great for a nice walk and just enjoying the crisp air. I love taking my dogs for walks during this time of year.

2. Sweaters: Wearing those big cozy sweaters are the best! I have so many sweaters and get excited every year to break them out again and wear them.

3. Hats: The same with sweaters I have so many different hats plus they really dress up a look, hauling on a hat before I leave to go outside is a must during fall. Also they cover up a bad hair day, am I right?

4. Fall Boots: I just love high boots and walking through the leaves in them are just so much fun. I love darker boots during this time of year and I love that they match pretty much anything.

5. Fall colours! I love how different the colours are from summer. The leaves change colours. Yellow, orange and reds. It looks amazing.

6. I hate showing my legs so once autumn comes around I love that I get to wear tights because the weather is cooler. Also, I love warm, cozy leggings in the fall because they are so comfy.

7. Dark lips!! My favourite makeup looks always happen in the fall. You can experiment with darker shades and I just really love it.

8. Tea/Hot Chocolate. When the weather gets cold you know you need something hot to warm you up. I prefer tea over hot chocolate in the autumn though, but I'm all for Hot Chocolate during the winter season.

What are your favourite things about fall?

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Yellow Owls.

Hey everyone! It has almost been a week since my dogs surgery and I am pleased to say everything went well. Tomorrow she has her appointment to see if everything is healing up good. She isn't allowed to do much but since she is feeling much better she is running around and jumping which I am trying to stop her from doing but it seems to be impossible haha. I am so glad she is feeling like herself again :)

I am loving greys and whites lately so I thought I would pair them in a look together. My white jacket I had forever but I just love it. These snake print leggings are also my go too, I also had these for years. My mom gave me this scarf last year for Christmas and this is the first time wearing it, it is one of my faves though I need to wear it more often, it has owls on them but it is hard to see in these photos. My sister did my hair for me of course cause I wouldn't be able to this myself lol.

Before I go I can't stop thinking about Christmas it is so close I am very excited! Anyone else? :D


Monday, 16 November 2015

Sick days.

Hey guys, I don’t really have anything to post today. I haven’t been feeling too great this week. Actually, I’ve been miserable. I’ve been sick for the past week and it really sucked. I can’t remember that last time I had a flu (Three years ago, maybe) I think that makes it all the more dramatic when I finally get it because i’m not quite used to.    I’m usually pretty lucky. It seems lately, though, that I have no luck.
I mentioned last week how I was getting over that migraine and headache situation and also the soar back/neck. It seems that as soon as I’m better from one thing, a new problem makes itself known. I just want to finally have a day where I have no pain or stress. I hate having more headaches now because of the flu. My sleep has been horrible. One night consisted of literally 0% sleep because my throat was just so sore that I couldn’t sleep through it. Then the next day it turned to a slight fever and cold chills and my throat felt like it was on fire even though it didn’t really hurt that much anymore. The other day I sneezed and it felt like every bone in my chest had broke it was so painful. But, it only lasted like 6 seconds but i’ve just been having little aches around my chest, nothing too bad. And yesterday is when the cough finally happened, it was so bad, not as bad today, thank goodness. (Of course right now i’m literally having a horrible coughing fit as i’m writing this. How ironic. -_-) I literally couldn’t stop choking and it was really annoying. I’m never one to get a cough, honestly. But, I guess it’s just my luck lately. Once I get over this flu i’m afraid to see what’ll happen next, lol. 

I’m trying not to be dramatic, I guess it’s just all the stress for the past month, sigh. I wish I had better content for you today, there was so much I wanted to do this past week and was just not able to do. It’s frustrating. Hopefully this week will be better and I will have more energy to do things. 

Hope you guys are all having a fantastic week! Hopefully, I will as well. :) 

- Kelsey xx 

Friday, 13 November 2015

DressGal Review.

In August we received an e-mail from Dressgal to do a review on some articles of clothing. We only received these items a few weeks ago! The shipping was terrible and we lost hope of even getting the parcel. At last we finally got the parcel and now here are our thoughts on our items:

View Kelsey's sweater here.

When I received this sweater I loved it. I did however notice it was thinner than I thought it would be.   But, that was just me not being able to tell through a picture I guess. I still like it, though and I love wearing it. The print is so cute and so me. However, besides the fact that it took over 2 months to get to us, I have recently noticed after looking at the image on the site that the print is not in the same colour. The original image is shown to have a black print with little faded red apples/hearts (idk). I never noticed it when I finally got it (probably because it was over two months and I forgot what it had looked like) but it had a grey print, with a barely noticeable colour to the apples. I'm not going to lie, I was a bit disappointed. I'm also going to be honest and say I still do love the sweater and can see myself wearing quite a bit. :)

View Kenecha's dress here.

Since I ordered this in August I thought I would be able to wear during the warmer months but I had to layer up a little but not too much so you couldn't see the dress. Lucky for me I am barely ever cold so I could still get away with wearing it without a coat. This dress is just like it was shown in the picture which I was worried it wouldn't be since I've been burned before from a online store. I love the fact that it has different colors and it actually is pretty comfy to wear. It would be perfect for the upcoming holiday. I don't really have anything bad to say about my dress besides the slow shipping. The material isn't very thick but I knew that from the pictures online. Over all I am very impressed with my piece :)

Have a great weekend! :)

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Revlon Review.

It's been awhile since I've done a lipstick review so I thought I would do one again. Hope you enjoy!

Monday, 9 November 2015

Skulls & Spikes

Hello, everyone!! Can you believe that we are already a week into November? Well, technically, a little over a week. I swear Halloween was just a few days ago. Well, now we are so much closer to the holidays which makes me happy. I've been feeling quite good lately which also makes me happy. The past few weeks I was just a little out of it. That one week I didn't post was due to migraines and headaches so I just took the week off and that made me feel better. I've been having neck and back/shoulder pain as well due to how i've been sleeping I guess. Sleeping on my stomach with my neck twisted is NOT GOOD, but gosh, it was so warm & comfortable at the time. It took like two weeks to be able to move my head sideways without feeling pain. It's just about gone now, no pain, just a little tense. I've been making sure I slept properly which was quite difficult because it always takes me hours to fall asleep so that means i'm usually changing sleeping positions every every five minutes. I pretty much do complete circles but the fact that I had to stop myself from turning on my stomach, that pretty much takes away two of them and it was a bit frustrating because I couldn't turn as much as I wanted to. I must sound so bizarre, lol. 
Anyways, I'm wearing one of my favourite blouses. It's sort of cropped, it's been a favourite for a long time, I love it. I decided to wear a pop of colour underneath and paired it with some dark skinny jeans. I love me some high waisted jeans! Also, I'm loving this cuff that my sister gave me. It has a medieval inspired look and I thought it fit well with the skulls. What do you think?

Have a happy Monday everyone!! 

                               - xx - Kelsey! 

Friday, 6 November 2015

SheIn Wishlist.

We picked a few items from SheIn that we really liked to share with you guys! 

1. View here.
This sweater looks so lovely! I love the colour and the fit and also the length. I'd wear it with a pair of leggings or jeans of course. It looks so cozy, something I would wear quite often on one of those chill, relaxed days.

2. View here.
This sweater is so perfect for Fall/Winter. Since it is a solid color it would match with anything! I just adore the fringe detail. Plus it looks super cozy for this chilly nights :)

3. View here.
Seriously in love with this skirt. Isn't it gorgeous? It has such a pretty design and I think it's perfect for the fall with a pair of tights with some cute shoes. I seriously want it, now! :P

4. View here.
This shirt screams Christmas or a New Years look. So classy and the cold shoulder is such a nice detail. I would totally pair this with a skirt and either some wedges or heels, I just love it!

Do you guys like any of these items? Tell us which was your favourite below. :) 

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Yellow Leaves.

Hey everyone! Fall is blooming here and the leaves are so colorful I just love it. In the forecast we are heading for a little bit of snow, exciting! But I also don't want the colors of fall to leave just yet. I went black and white for this look today. I added this lovely blue necklace for a little touch of color. 

The weather has cooled down a nice bit since taking these photos which I love! I am so ready for sweater weather!


Monday, 2 November 2015

Top Fall nails!

Every season there are always those favourite colours you love to wear on your nails. It's always fun to switch it up as well. These are my current favourites of the autumn season 
I've quite new to this colour. Never have I worn it before this year. I am sad that I never tried this colour sooner because i'm so in love. More like obsessed. These navy coloured nails are seriously gorgeous and has been my favourite recently. Too be honest I have never liked navy or dark blue pretty much my whole life, who knew that I would love it on my nails so much.

I wasn't much a fan of this colour at first. It just wasn't me. But, I wore it one day and wasn't feeling it so I added a bit of gold glitter and it transformed the whole look. I think the gold balanced this colour out in a way and it actually makes me like it. On it's own, not my colour, with some gold sparkle, heck yeah! 

I love some black nails every once in a while. I don't wear them too much because it's a bit much. I tried this "Penny talk" by essie thinking it was going to be a bit more gold but it turned out lighter. I thought they were nice, wasn't amazing but I did like them. Then I saw them in a certain light (bathroom lighting actually) and they looked different. They actually kind of look a bit like a rose gold colour and I thought that was so cool. It made me love them even more. I was I could have captured the colour on camera. 
I love some dark red nails. My sister and I have both been wearing this colour recently. Also by essie, this is a beautiful fall colour. It's even darker at night. It's quite gorgeous ;)

 Nails colours I've used in the pictures above in order... in case your curious.
essie - style cartle
essie - fifth avenue
L.A Girl.
Wet n wild
essie - penny talk
essie - macks

These are my favourites of the autumn season so far. Which one do you like best?

- Kelsey xx