Friday, 27 February 2015

Feb Faves: Fashion Edition.

 So this months faves are a little different we thought we would do a fashion look instead of 4 different items.

Kenecha - I picked my paw print scarf, I think it is so me! This was actually a Christmas gift that my parents gave me, they know me too well, as soon as I seen it I was like awe, I love it! (I tried to show my dogs and they could care less lol) It reminded me the love I have for my dogs or any dogs for that matter.
In the photo below I just paired it with my dog pj pants but I can't wait to actually put it together in a outfit :D

Kelsey - February is always a very cold month where we live and I was not going to let myself be that cold. This faux fur sweater has been amazing. I've been wearing it so much throughout this whole month and now i'm very attached. This sweater is massive and it's so warm and so soft. Everybody just keeps asking to feel it, lol. It has a cute panda face on it and the hood has cute little ears that may be dorky but I still love it. 

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Old Times.

I was going through my closet a few weeks ago and found my TML jersey. Man I must of got that about seven years ago! I use to wear it to school all the time it was actually one of my fave pieces of clothing to wear. Back then I was so into hockey, I still am but not as much now.
My friend and I use to wear our jerseys together at school haha.
 I thought why not do a little photoshoot with it since it's been YEARS since I've worn it. 
Once I put it on I fell in love with it once again.
I know it is not "fashionable" but I was such a tomboy growing up! (I use to shop in the men's section of the store)
It got me thinking how crazy how much you can change over the years. I went from dressing like a boy to dressing like an actual girl something I'd never though I would do. Trust me even Kelsey was shocked when I started to buy skirts.
 (The black and white photos are for dramatic effect, seeing on how it is the old me and how I let the past go. I am weird I know)
So my question for today is: 
How much have you changed over the years?

Monday, 23 February 2015

Those colours, though!

So comfy!

Hey guys!! I recently received this new scarf and hat for my birthday and now that i've finally worn it I realize that I've already fallen in love with it. It's so soft and fits so nice. I love that it's grey and I love how the colors just pop. I love that the scarf is a small infinity scarf that hugs my neck just right because bigger scarves can sometimes be annoying to wear when you live in windy areas. You either have to tuck it inside your jack where it feels like its too thick under your jacket or you leave it out and it blows everywhere. Well, thats my problem anyway. 
This beanie is just so cute. And it has a pom pom which is great because I love to wear hats with pom poms. Overall, I just love the colour/colours and I'm so happy with it. 

Friday, 20 February 2015

Bike Ride Wednesday.

Hey guys! We decided to share a little video of us this week. Not gonna' lie, we're a bit crazy. In the summer we do this thing called, "Bike ride wednesday" where every wednesday we would go for a bike ride. It's really fun. These are Kenecha's bikes that's why they are identical! We also end up getting icebergs (slushie and ice-cream) when it's too warm and they are our favourite. When we go home around supper time we always get our favourite subs from subway, it's like our tradition. Like I said, We're a bit crazy in this video. Hope you like it anyway. :)

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Printed Cardi.

Today I thought I show you one of my fave cardigan. Even though it is winter I can't be bothered dressing in sweaters too much because I would be way too warm (why yes I do believe I am part Polar Bear), so this one is perfect because it is short sleeve. I didn't actually buy this one it was my sisters and she gave it to me, I wear it quite often.
 This is actually a size small but it is a HUGE make. I love when things are oversized! 

So here is how it normally looks:
 I just love this detail I think that is why I love it so much.

I also paired it with this necklace I got for Christmas. It works will with the shirt I am wearing :)

What is your fave thing to wear during the winter months?


Monday, 16 February 2015

South Hill Designs.

Hey Guys! As you already know, Valentine's Day was Saturday and my mother sent me some nice little gifts and treats. One of these things was a South Hill locket which I really liked and thought I would share with you. It is really the perfect gift to either give or receive because you can personalize it to fit the person you are giving it to. Or, if you're buying it for yourself, you can create something that fits your style. 

Friday, 13 February 2015

Valentine Baking!!!

Yes, baking again. We did better this time though. Probably because we didn’t make it from scratch. We simply bought a box of cake mix and made it from there. The fun part was the decorating. 
We had such a fun day as we dressed up in valentine colours, ate subway and baked some delicious cupcakes! 
We started off with the baking. We made mixed up our ingredients and put them into the oven and waited.
While we waited for our cake in the oven, it was around supper time so we sat down and ate our delicious subway. Literally, it's like a tradition for us because we love it so much. And we can't forget our chocolate milk. We had these cute heart straws as well. 
Once they were done and cooled, we started our decorating...
We bought this edible paper to decorate with which is how we created the little hearts. 
^Kenecha's cupcakes which were much more fun and creative.
I went for the classic cupcake look with a bit of extra detail. 
As for our cake, we literally decorated in two minutes which explains why it isn't very neat. So, incase you can't pick out the detail, it's a flower, and a smile with an "&" symbol in-between. I'm sure you figured out what that means. Yep, Florals & Smiles, how original.. :P As for that smiley face, it wasn't as simple as it looks. I watched Kenecha's struggle while I was decorating other parts of the cake, but it turned out really cute! 
Oh, and by the way, They tasted really good. Both our dads loved them. 
Hope you guys like them because we had fun making them.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Just For Love.

 Hey everyone! Today I thought I would show you a Valentine's Day outfit I just randomly put together.

I had this shirt since I was 16 years old and now I am in my twenties so it is pretty old, I just found it the other day and forgot I still had it. I may have wore it once before this! I thought it would look perfect for V-day seeing on how it says "Just For Love". I also thought this red skirt would pair nicely with my shirt. I had this skirt since I was 16 I too I think, first time wearing this one actually.
My earrings also have hearts on them and thought they would be cute to wear with this as well!

Then I thought why not pair it with this shoes I had for awhile. They are cute and simple. This outfit is pretty much clothing I never wear haha. Hope you all enjoyed it :)

What are you wearing for V-day? Are you keeping it simple or are you dressing up? Let me know :D

Monday, 9 February 2015


22 years of my life has already past. I'm still trying to figure out where I belong in this world, who I will be, and where life will take me. I just hate that the last four years of my life literally felt like it happened within only a year. It's pretty insane. But, the future is still waiting and I'm just hoping that there is something great out there waiting for me. Something that i've been searching for my whole life. Just, something that will make me finally feel like me. 

Yes, I am 22. I really liked being twenty-one although nobody really knew because everyone just thought I was younger, but I never knew why. When I was 14 there were people thinking that I was 21. I thought that was crazy. But, when I was twenty-one, somebody literally thought that I was 14. How does that happen? I guess, maybe it was due to the lack of makeup I've been wearing the last few years. I used to love makeup when I was younger and would never go anywhere without wearing my once precious eyeliner. :P I guess eyeliner made me look older? Or maybe it's the fact that i'm shy. People are usually more confident in there 20's and outgrow their shyness. Maybe one day I will too.

Anyways, It's my birthday. Kenecha literally stayed up until midnight (when she wanted to go to bed) just to say Happy Birthday to me and then went off to bed. :P I'm hoping this day goes pretty well for me. I want it to be a happy day. And, I think it will be. When there's cake involved, You know it's a good day. I'm wearing my red velvet top and red velvet shirt from Garage. So, it kind of looks like a dress. :) But, I really like it.

Hope everyone else also has a lovely day! :)
xx - Kelsey

Friday, 6 February 2015

January Faves!

Can't believe January is already over, once again here are our fave things for this month :)

Kenecha -

1. Winter's boots. These bad boys have been broken out a lot lately which I love cause all that snow makes me so happy! I am so sad that winter will be over in like 6 weeks :(

2. Jeff Hardy DVD. So anyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with wrestling. My sister owns this but I watched it so many times and just recently watched it again and I still love it.

3. Sailor Moon!! Ok I loved this show as a kid and now I got my niece into loving it as well! She knows all of the names of the sailor's and also does each move they do, it is the cutest :)

4. PEANUT BETTER! You see that huge bottle? Yeah, they won't last long LOL :P I am obsessed and eat it every day.

*  *  *

Kelsey - I have only been loving two things this month. I've just been so busy I haven't even been wearing any makeup.
Revlon colorstay concealer - I get up in the morning and I have horrible dark circles under my eyes because I've never been a very good sleeper. I just put on a little of this and i'm good to go. That's the only makeup i've been using. Not even mascara recently, which is usually my go-to product.

Olay cleansing brush - I've had this for a long time but never really used it. I would use it maybe once or twice and then never use it again until weeks to a month later. So, I decided to really give it a try and I've been loving it. I use it at night before bed and it had really cleansed my skin and made it feel smooth. I don't know why I haven't stuck with it before but it's defiantly been a favourite of mine through January. 

What have you been loving this month? 
Hope you guys have a great weekend!! 

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Valentine's D.I.Y

Hey guys! It’s almost Valentine’s day so I thought I would do a little Valentine D.I.Y. - I created a couple of valentine’s cards and a box envelope which is actually pretty simple to make, but may take a little while. I personally think homemade cards are much cuter than just going and buying one because it comes from the heart and you can personalize it your own way. 
These are the two I made. They are both pretty different. The first one is more fancy with a heart and design while the other one is a more fun version of a valentine card. 
I also made a box envelope because not only can your card fit in it, but you can also fit in a little something extra like candy! I threw in some hershey’s kisses and hugs and some classic heart chocolates. I just threw them in there but if you prefer a more organized look then you could also do up little treat bags or just buy something that fits in there nicely. 
If you want to know how to make these then just continue reading… :D