Monday, 30 March 2015

eShakti Dress review.

Recently we were contacted by a company called eShakti to do a review on a sample dress from their site. eShakti is a company that offers customized dresses (not only dresses) to suit your standards offering a wider range of sizes, from 0-36W, and different alterations including knee-length and sleeve length. Kenecha and myself picked out this lovely red dress together to review. Of course when it arrived, just over a week later, Kenecha was out of town so I was left to review it myself. 
The dress was much longer than what I usually wear but it works since we’re still experiencing winter here where I live. When customizing your dress, they ask you for your height and the dress length you prefer. I think that’s really great because dress lengths may vary from person to person depending on your height. It may end up longer on a short person than a taller person so it’s nice that they take your height to customize your dress. You can choose your sleeve length as well. Have you ever seen a dress you liked but the sleeves weren’t right for you? Maybe you liked your shoulders covered but the dress was sleeveless. I love that you change choose a dress in your style but also get to change the sleeve length. I mean, how neat is that?
To be honest, I didn’t take any measurements while ordering my dress. I thought for sure i’d be a size small. But, when I tried on the dress it was too big for me. It’s possible that the sizes may run a little bigger. Or, maybe I should have properly taken my measurements. Besides the sizes to choose from, you can also give them your exact measurements to have a dress perfectly fitted to your body. 
Once I got the dress to fit me, I actually really loved it. The style is so lovely and the little bit detail in this dress is perfect.  I also discovered that it has pockets!! I almost didn't even notice, it was hidden so well. The buttons down the front are very cute and the “v" shape around the waist is just perfect. It gives such a cute vintage look and reminds me of medieval times which I am obsessed with. It has a very casual look but I feel like it can also be dressed up. I kept it casual, of course. The colour is very nice and the material is fine. It looks really nice with a cardigan or coat. I wore it with my white coat and I really liked how the whole outfit looked. 
(Check out those pockets!)

Overall I’m pleased with my experience with eShakti minus the size issue which is really my own fault. The dress only took just over a week, and the quality was nice. If you like vintage looking dresses than I would recommend checking out their site. We were also given a 10% discount code for you to use on your order. If you are interested the links and discount code are just below.

* * *
Want your own dress?
Just sign up here. Write in "floralsandsmiles" in the promotional code to get 10% off your first order. Be sure to act quick because the code ends on  04/25/2014, so get shopping :D
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It can be clubbed with any other promotional offer, gift coupon or gift card in the same order unless explicitly specified otherwise in the offer conditions.
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Not applicable on previous purchases.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Printed Skirts

Hey Guys! The weather is still horrible but we're having some really gorgeous days in between all the horrible ones. We both styled skirts in our look today! But, since the snow is still sticking around I styled mine according to the weather and Kenecha - You know she loves the cold - styled hers with a more spring look but the cold never bothered her anyway. ;)

Kelsey -

Because i'm all about staying warm, I wore these thick, comfy purple tights! They are literally so comfortable and I love them so much! A cardigan is also needed in this kind of weather. I went for a thin one because even though it's winter, inside always tends to be pretty warm. Of course, I can't forget about keeping the little feet warm! I love these winter ankle boots. Whenever I find a pair of boots with the fold over fur look, you know i'm going to love them. My outfit is basically all black and I feel like the purple tights is the perfect amount of colour to bring the outfit to life! 

Kenecha - 
I styled mine more Spring like because the weather lately has been so nice that I thought why not change my look to match the weather lately? 
I had this leopard print skirt for years and finally thought I should break it out. I really like the length of it because you can either wear it longer or shorter.

I matched it with my leopard print necklace. The shoes I am wearing are also older but still are my fave pair to wear, very comfy :) Also I thought I would put my hair up in a bun seeing on how I never do that haha :P

Hows the weather where you are?
Have a fantastic weekend :)

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Pink Lipstick & Smiles.

                Hey everyone. Recently I've been looking through old photos and thought why not show some photos you haven't seen from a previous shoot. Last time was the outdoor look which you can see here.
I switched my green coat for my white cardi which I love and cannot wait to break out again.
Anyways here are some inside shots from that day, hope you enjoy :)

Also can't wait to break out this floral high low dress again, without the leggings underneath haha :P

Oh some good news before I leave the weather has started to get warmer and the snow is melting, though it will take some time for it to melt seeing on how we have so much. I don't want the cold weather to end but at the same time can't wait to break out my skirts and dresses, I am confusing I know.

What Spring/Summer clothing are you excited to wear again?

Monday, 23 March 2015

Music Love

                                          "Your words shook me right out of a daydream
                                         I was lost somewhere cold and it looked haunted
                                        I was asking strangers but no one understood me
  I was drenched in sweat when your words came to me"
"I'll never let go
I'll never let go you said out loud
I'll never let go
I'll never let go you shouted out"

Currently listening to "I'll never let go" by Snow Patrol.

One thing that always makes me happy is music. How horrible would it be if there was no such thing as music in this world. There are all different types and genres to match different personalities. Everyone likes their own style. There are so many songs out there directed towards different emotions and you can always find that one to relate to how you're are feeling.
My absolute favourite band, for the past 10-11 years is Snow Patrol. Their music and sound has always stuck with me and I just love to listen to it even to this day. 
I'm sure you guys all have a certain artist or band that you love to listen to, so
What's your favourite band or artist or even genre of music. I'd say my favourite genre is alternative or indie. ;) 

Friday, 20 March 2015

Review: Avon Lipstick Mini.

Hey everyone! Today I will be doing a review on 3 Avon Lipstick Mini's.
I had these for almost a year now and I really like them so I thought I would share.
This is the package:

This is my least favourite but at the time I wasn't a lipstick freak like I am now so it was my go to because it was a lighter color.

This second one is my second favourite, it is such a great color and it is my go to for days I want to stand out.

This last one is my all time favourite of all my lipsticks I own. I really love the orange tint to it.

I find these lipsticks last most of the day, even while eating. It doesn't have an awful smell to it and I find you don't need to apply a lot because the colors are so bold, so they will last you a long tiime.
At the time I bought these just to test out and see if I even looked good while wearing lipsticks, I am not a makeup junkie I tell you.
If you are not sure if you like lipstick or if you are new and just wanted to try them out then I would say this would be the perfect product for you. You can get way more colors than these but these are the 3 I picked. Plus the price is amazing just 99 cents for one! 

What is your fave shade to wear?
Have great weekend everyone!


Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Positive Thinking!

Guys, I forgot to wear green yesterday for St.Patrick's day but thank goodness nobody pinched me. I guess I just got lucky!! ;) 

The weather has really been bugging me lately. I just want the warmer weather to hurry up and come. On Monday we got a snow storm which brought a lot of snow. And we're suppose to have another one today, lovely. Obviously, These pictures were taken before any snowstorm or else I would be an ice sculpture buried up to my waist in snow. I wouldn't even have a chance with what i'm wearing! :P

Anyways, I'm trying to be more positive about the weather. Mother Nature has never liked me anyway, might as well get used to it by now l guess. I've been feeling a bit inspired lately but I don't know why. I know it makes no sense but I feel some kind of inspiration inside of me but I don't know what it's for or where i'm suppose to aim it to or where it's even coming from. It's just there. I guess I shouldn't complain because it feels nice. Maybe it's just inspiration for life, something to keep me going. Sorry guys, i'm rambling. I do that sometimes.
Anyways, Have a great day everyone! Think positive!! ;)

(Got that jump picture on the first try. :D) 

Peace Out!!! 

- Kelsey xx    

Monday, 16 March 2015

The Luck Of The Irish.

This is suppose to be Kelsey's day to update but since St. Patrick's Day would be here and gone by Friday we decided to update together today.

We went to our local dollar store and bought a bunch of St. Patrick Day stuff and thought we would have a fun photoshoot, hope you enjoy :P

In our Irish mugs we put chocolate milk haha :P

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone!
Do you have any plans?

Friday, 13 March 2015

Do What You Love.

Good Day, everybody!!
Today we decided to do a post on what we love to do. Everyone has a passion or a hobby or just something that makes them smile. This is what makes us happy.

Kelsey - 
Something I really love to do is draw. For me, it's a way of letting my thoughts out. If i'm bored, or if i'm feeling lonely, or sad or even happy, drawing is my way of expressing that. It's a way to clear the mind. A form of therapy almost. I'm quite a shy person which means I tend to keep everything to myself and just keep everything bottled up. Drawing is my way of letting all of that out and it's really just something that makes me truly happy. 

Kenecha - 
I made a post about this recently actually but it really is my fave hobby and something I really love to do. Photography lets me capture moments and places people seem to take for granted. If I could I would be out in nature all day just taking photos, I love it!

(These say Kesh because these are older pictures of when I first started to take photos and I got the idea off my niece cause that is what she calls me)
I can't wait to get my new camera so I can start taking photo's again ;D

What is something you love to do or your hobby?

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Dogs + Snow.

 I am such a simple person, all it takes to make me happy is a beautiful winter's day and taking my two dogs out for a walk.
I figured since you've already seen one dog I must show you my other dog so here she is. She is wearing her hot pint turtleneck sweater (which she hates having around her neck so I must always roll it down for her)
Cute fact: She is actually giving me a kiss in this photo! Love her.
 & here is both of them walking in the snow/ice. (so slippery here)
Both of them have matching leashes.
They also have matching jackets but for this day they are wearing sweaters haha.

Oh I must also show you the amount of snow we have! Look at that snow bank, it is actually so high it is pretty much covering a building that is right next to it :P

Question Time:
What makes your day complete?


Monday, 9 March 2015

Winter day!

Sun rays and winter days, a smile on my face.
bad days are throwaways, because my light never fades. 

- Kelsey xx

Friday, 6 March 2015

Throwback Friday?

Hey! We thought today we would show you some OLD photo's of us. Some are bad but that is the beauty of it all haha :) Enjoy:
TAKE NOTE: Please excuse my (KT) black hair it was  poor life decision. Took years for my blonde hair to come back.

All these were took in our teens.. oh to be a teenager again -cries- Why are we so old?

Have a great weekend everybody.