Friday, 29 May 2015

Dresslink Review!

Remember that "dress link " review we did a few weeks ago? Well, we recently received our dresses and it's time we reviewed them again properly now that we can actually try them on. 
First off, they're both made of a softer, thin material meaning that they're perfect for the spring and summer and the design of them both are very cute and stylish. They fit really nicely, as well.
To break it down even further.

Kelsey : I noticed that the print seems the same but the placement of the print is obviously a little different. But, I expected that before hand when I picked this dress after checking the reviews on the page. It seems that everyones is slightly different which I actually like because you still get the print that you love but your dress also gets to be a little different from everyone else's. It's really comfortable and very light. Honestly, everyone I know seems to love this dress, and i'm pretty in love with it myself.

Kenecha : When I first tried my dress on the skirt part of my dress had so much static in it I was left kind of disappointed because I thought it would be very twirly an fun but it just stuck to my legs. To my surprise though once I got outside and started to take these photos the static left (I don't know how) & it was super flowy and I was super excited about that. Once the static left I was very happy and actually I can't wait to wear it again :)

You can find both dresses on
 View Kelsey's look here
 View Kenecha's look here

Have a great weekend everyone! :D

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

What's In My Bag? (Contest)

Today I am entering a little contest that Journal Of Style is holding, you can check it out here if you want to join. All you have to do is take a photo of what is in your bag. I thought it was a cute idea and thought why not join, hope you like it!

1. Wallet - Of course this is in my bag! Also it is leopard print which I am obsessed with.
2. Hair Brush - This one is tiny and fits perfect in any bag that I own. I just love it!
3. Lipstick - I am a lipstick addict these days and I usually have a lipstick on hand.
4. Hair Tie - Usually I have one on my hand but if I don't I try to make sure I have a backup,
5. Gum - I love gum and perfect for when you are out and can't brush your teeth.
6&7. Pen & Paper- K I know this is a little weird but I mostly carry this around during Christmas so when I think of a gift for someone I can write it down and not forget.
8. Bracelet - I am not too sure why I have this in my purse but it is. My niece gave me it for my birthday and it is the cutest :)
9. Homemade Bar - These taste so good. My mom makes them all the time and I am obsessed with them. (They taste way better then what they look.) & yes they I always have one in my bag! 

So this is my entry for the contest I hope you all enjoyed it. Have a great week everyone!


Monday, 25 May 2015

Outfit of the Day.

Hey guys, Here's my outfit of the day. I kept it casual, like I normally do. I'm wearing denim jeans as I do pretty much everyday and this cute tee that i'm in love with. It's really light and thin but warm at the same time and the back of the shirt is completely white. I'm wearing these super cool boots and a little fun necklace that I felt went really well with this shirt because it isn't dressy but gives it a fun casual look. To keep to the casual look I went for this brown bag which I adore. 
That's my look of the day! :) 
Happy Monday, Peoples! 

Friday, 22 May 2015

Choies Summer Looks!

A little while back we did a review on Choies clothing, some of you may remember but if not you can find this post here. They have recently asked us if we would like to show off some new summer wear and with us being so impressed from what we received of course we had to say yes! 

First we start off with the rompers: 

Look 1                                                        Look 2

Summer Dresses:

Look 1                                             Look 2

Bohemia Dresses: 
Look 1         Look 2         
Look 3           Look 4


Hope you enjoyed seeing all these new items Choies has to offer, we sure did :) I think the rompers have to be my favourite. They're so nice. What did you like?
What are you waiting for, get shopping! ;) 
Have a fantastic weekend everyone! :)

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Cropped Jacket.

Hey! I can't believe how gorgeous the weather has been. In my mind too hot, but you know me I am a winter girl. My look today is mostly black, but I added a hint of color with my yellow necklace and socks :P My cropped jacket I had for years and I still love it! It has a floral design on it too which is funny because I wasn't always a floral fan until a few years ago.

Hope you enjoyed this look. Have a great week :)


Monday, 18 May 2015

Happiness is the Key.

Happiness is the key to create your light. 
It takes your sadness into the night. 
You learn to live with hope and love. 
And lift your feet into the clouds above. 
Weightless and free to be who you are. 
No doubts no demons to tear you apart. 
To be happy and bright is all you need. 
To create the world in which you believe. 
A weapon so powerful to win your fight. 
Devour the villain and retain your light. 
Happiness is the key that you will need. 
To open the world that you will lead. 

- Kelsey

Friday, 15 May 2015

Spring Loving.

Hey everyone! We thought since the weather has been pretty great lately that we would make a list about the things we love about Spring, hope you enjoy!

Trees: Now that the snow is gone the trees are starting to come alive again, We just love seeing the bright green trees by the water like the photo above, very eye catching :)

Sunsets: Ok even though Summer sunsets are the best but Spring can bring some pretty beautiful sunset! We enjoy going by the rocks and looking out at them.

Birds: They have finally came back and we just love hearing them while we are out for a walk or even with the window open and listening to them sing :)

Bike Rides: You know this one had to make it on the list! We actually had our first little bike ride about a week and a half ago. Also we really enjoy stopping to get some ice-cream on the way :D

Sunshine : I mean, come on! Sunshine makes us happy. It's nice to go out without a huge winter's coat on. It just makes you feel so free.

Butterflies : We saw the first butterfly over a week ago down at the beach we were on.  It was just fluttering right past us. There's something so nice about them, something magical.

Rain : Yeah, this has to make the list, too. Because, even thought we love sunshine, Rain just has that something. It's calming and relaxing. And, although it's not great for your hair, It's nice to look out your window and just watch the rain fall. The sound just relaxes the mind and is great for thinking. Not to mention that it's bringing life to all the plants.

Longer days : Heck ya! I hate how short the days are in the winter, how it becomes dark so early. It's nice to stay out longer without it getting dark so soon. It makes you feel more awake. And you don't have to worry that there's some Coyote behind you at 8 pm because it's still daylight and you can see everything. :P 

What is you fave thing about Spring?
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

A Walk In The Woods.

Wow the middle of the week already, time sure is flying. My outfit for today is yet another long sleeve dress. It was so lovely when we shot this photos yesterday that I could actually go out in a dress and not freeze to death.
I wanna first start off by saying I suck at doing hair so you better believe I did not do my hair it was my sister! She also let me use her wedges for this look :)
I also wore a starfish necklace and a pink lip color to finish this look.

The trees are still kinda dead I can't wait from them to come alive, maybe I'll come back here for more photos when they do :)
(Also yes I do know I am deathly white LOL)

Is it warm enough to wear dresses where you are?


Monday, 11 May 2015

Elegantly simple!

Honestly, I had no plan when I was doing my hair this day. I just started braiding and ended up with this and I was really happy with it. I did a complete (half-french) braid around my head and continued all the way down the length of my hair and with the little extra that I didn't add into the braid, I braided that piece separate and twisted both braids together in this bun.


Then, of course, I thought that this was the perfect opportunity to do my makeup because as I said before, I haven't worn makeup in a while and kept it pretty simple. I decided to do something that was more subtle but noticeable. This is probably my go to makeup look when I do my makeup.


I don't often go with a pink lip but I felt it was perfect with this hair and makeup creating a more softer look. I wanted this look to be all about the hair really so I went for a very simple look with my outfit. A cropped grey tank and a pair of dark high waisted denim jeans and a statement necklace so it isn't too boring. I just felt like that was enough. I feel like with this simple look, it makes the hair look more wearable for a casual everyday look, if that makes since. 


And, that's my complete look. 

Friday, 8 May 2015

Our Favourite Place.

WARNING: Long post & lots of photos, sorry haha :P

One of the best things about living in our small,quiet little town is that there are some beautiful places  to explore. One of our favourite places to go is down on the rocks near the beach. Nobody ever goes here so it's nice and quiet, except for the sound of the ocean waves splashing against the rocks. The sun is always shining down here. It's literally so close to my house so it takes no time to walk there. Though this day we rode bikes because we went for a little ride around our town first and came back here. It's quite a relaxing place and very fun if you like climbing. I (Kelsey) absolutely love climbing. And, although there are only rocks here to climb and no large cliffs, I still really love it. I may have stood close to the edge more than a few times and Kenecha may have had little panics a few times because she was afraid I would fall over. Sorry for that Kenecha.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

All Purple Everything.

The weather lately has been beautiful! Since May came in the sun has been shining and I think I can almost stop wearing my winter jacket, almost.
These shots were taken a few days ago, that day was very nice and I didn't even have to wear a hat, that is a big thing for me seeing on how I have very sensitive ears.
Anyways this outfit is mostly purple, I am loving purple lately! The shirt I am wearing I got for $5 & I really like the length. I am also wearing my purple lipstick and heels. Seeing on how it was nice I thought I would break out my denim jacket, hope you like this look :)

Question time:
What item of clothing are you excited to wear again now that the weather is changing? 

Monday, 4 May 2015


The snow has stuck around for quite a while but alas the time has come for a change in the weather. We've had a few rainy days this past week but I wasn't complaining because it means spring is here and it's washing away all that snow on the ground. Other than that, we've been getting some lovely days! Yesterday the sun was out and it was so beautiful, and usually that only last for a few hours around noon. But not this time, It lasted pretty much the whole day, well until evening when it started to get cold. 
My outfit consist of mostly black but I added a bit of colour with my plaid top. It wasn't bright colours, but I felt like it was enough considering the day did look a little gloomy. I'm loving these dark skinny jeans so much. They give off an edgy look which I love. Also, I brought out my studded boots which I haven't worn since before winter so It's great to wear these again. The weather is finally nice enough to get away with wearing a leather jacket without freezing to death. I bought this one a little while ago but this is actually my first time actually getting a chance to wear it now that the weather is getting nicer. YAY!!