Monday, 29 June 2015

Simply Stylish

It's almost July! Like, Woah! I'm really loving these baggy faux denim jeans at the moment. I've been wearing them quite a bit. They are just so comfortable and so simple to wear. It's also nice for the warmer days when it's not too warm because it doesn't cling to your legs and don't make you warm. My favourite way to style them is with a tank top usually, This day I went with a black top which is also really comfortable and soft. I wore these shoes because I absolutely love how the silver looks against the colour and print of the pants. Then, of course, I just added some colour with my bag. I feel like this look is a pretty laid back but it also gives style at the same time. :) 
Anyways!! Have a lovely Monday everyone!!! 

                                                                                                              - xx - Kelsey 

Friday, 26 June 2015

Summer Lovin'!

Summer has arrived and we decided to share with you some of the things we love about Summer.

1. Sunsets - I'm pretty sure we said this in our Spring favourites as well but theres something more powerful about summer sunsets. I notice our sunsets have become much more colourful and breathtaking recently. It is simply wonderful.

2. Dresses - During summer wearing dresses are a must. They make you look chic and comfy which we love. Plus it is super light so you don't get too hot!

3. Green grass - Yeah, that sounds crazy but It actually looks so nice to see green everywhere. The grass has regained it's beautiful colour making our land look so bright and colourful. It adds such vibrance and just brings happiness.

4. Icebergs - We love this summer treat, it is a slushie and ice-cream together ad it is THE BEST. We have one (or two or three) everyone summer and we always look forward to it. (Also you can see it in the photo above.)

5. Watermelon - Ah, SO DECLICIOUS! On those hot days it just taste so refreshing and amazing. And it also has the perfect colours for summer don't you think? ;)

6. Floppy Hats - Who doesn't love a good floppy hat? They are so stylish and cute! What is not to love!

7. Dandelions - Dandelions just scream summer where we live. They are literally everywhere and it just brings you back to summertime as a child playing in the tall grass filled with dandelions of both kinds, making wishes and running from bumblebees, or chasing butterflies. Oh, happiness. :D

8. Adventures - Summer adventures are the best as well, summer sun + the great outdoors what a perfect combo :)

What do you love about summer?
Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Plaid Leggings.

 Hello everyone! Hope the start of your week was great, it is once the middle of the week again and June is almost over. My youngest dog just celebrated her first birthday a few days ago, I can't believe she is already one! 

On to the outfit, I am wearing this baggy shirt which my sister gave me (did I ever mention how much I love hand me downs?) I thought I would pair this shirt with my plaid leggings. We took these photos in this stunning trail which I just adore! I am sure you will be seeing more pictures here soon :)

All 3 dogs were roaming around while I was taking these photos and above are two of them, the littlest one was too busy sniffing around to even care about what was happening. These two wanted to get in a shot and how cute do they look? The one with the pink collar is mine and the one in the green collar is my sisters :) Everyone says they look like twins haha :P

How is everyone's week going so far?

Monday, 22 June 2015

Never letting go.

It's summer which means I am finally able to get to wear this little crop jean jacket. I bought it last year a little late in the summer, and therefore I didn't get much use out of it because the weather was getting colder. But, alas, the time has come. I love the colours and tribal print in this jacket and the overall look is just amazing. I styled it with a black tank and some khaki green pants and of course a pair of my favourite boots! The black top I am wearing is a current favourite of mine. I bought it only recently and it's already becoming one of my top favourites. I love the lace detail at the bottom, and it fits so nice. I don't think I am ever letting it go. 

What's your current fashion favourite that you've been really loving recently?

- xx - Kelsey :) 

Friday, 19 June 2015

Twinkle Deals Wishlist.

First things first we know this post is late but we have a good reason why for some unknown reason our blog got suspended (no one wrote us back and still never explained why this happened) but some good luck came our way and we lost our blog for about 24 hours and we shockingly got it back. We are hoping for some feedback as to why this happen. Hopefully this never happens again!

Anways on to todays post, we recently got asked if we wanted to collab with a site called Twinkle Deals. Being that we love fashion we thought we give it a go. Below are our picks :)

Kelsey - This top really popped out at me. The flowers give it a girly look but it also has that cool laid back kind of vibe. It like how it fits a little cropped and loose fitting, totally my style. Also, the transparency will make it fun to style different ways. I love how big the flowers are, it just makes them pop out and create a statement. I'm so excited to see how this shirt actually turns out.
View my look HERE.

 Kenecha- I love the colors in mine and also the length. I am a sucker for longer shirts! I know that it probably looks a bit too warm to have this during summer but it doesn't look like it will be a heavy material. What else sold me was the off the shoulder look too :)
View my look HERE.

We are excited to receive these items! 
If you want to check this site out yourself just click HERE.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and hopefully we can upload on Monday :)

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Polka Dot Skirt.

Hey everyone! When these photos were took yesterday it was actually pretty decent out, though even if it was chilly it I wouldn't know I am always warm. I am still deathly white I am slowly trying to tan but it still isn't hot enough for that yet so you have to put up with my pale legs for a while longer haha.
Today's look is pretty simple, the skirt I am wearing I had for years and this was actually the first time I wore it. The light blue shirt I wear a lot I find it so comfy and it is oversized so that is also my fave. I actually just threw this jacket on but once I looked in the mirror I noticed it looked perfect with this outfit so I kept it on for the photos. I love the look of these shoes, they look vintage which I love!

Hope you all are having a great week! :)


Monday, 15 June 2015

Summer Nails.

I haven't painted my nails in so long and I was sick of seeing just my plain boring nails so I decided to do something with them. I didn't have any ideas, just decided to let my creative mind take over. Apparently, I've gotten really bad at it. I mean, it's been so long, my hands were shaky, and I just created a disaster. But, overall I do like the look of this and I'll probably do this look again soon. But, I defiantly need to paint them more often, try more cute designs and try to warm up to it again. I want some colour on my nails this summer! And maybe, the next time I do this design, it will look a little better and less sloppy. :) Or, who knows, Maybe they'll end up worse. :P 

Anyways, Have a great day! - xx- KELSEY  :)

Friday, 12 June 2015

I Mustache...Do you like?

I mustache... Do you like? Get It.. "mustache", "Must ask." Yeah, I'm sure you all heard that one before. We were having a laugh saying that with a weird accent. It was funny.
Anyways, about the mustache. Kenecha was telling me about how she saw these funny mustache's at the dollar store that we should buy. Of course, I was totally up for it. So, we literally just went and bought them and had fun trying them on. They actually stick like really well, and they don't move while you laugh or talk, I was pretty impressed. I mean, it was at the dollar store. We also got these cute little mustache necklaces in blue and green which I actually really like. 
Each mustache has a name written next to it like, "the Punk Rocker" or "the Bombdiggity" relating to their 80's style. 
Anyone else get excited over weird little things? Or is is just us?
Have a great weekend everyone! 

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Bumble-Bee Flowers.

 Another week is almost gone once again, wow.
 Today's outfit I thought brought a little boho look to it. I bought this shirt a few months ago and only wore it a few times but I think it is slowly becoming one of my faves. It is super comfy and super loose & of course super cheap, you know me!
My mother made me get in the flowers and pose, she also took these shots :)

How is everyones week going so far?

Monday, 8 June 2015

Red and black.

Heys Guys!! Hope you all had a great weekend! The weather has been wonderful here this past week and I've been loving it. It'll be raining these next few days, though, but I don't mind because we haven't really had any rain so far. This top/dress ( I still have no idea what it is) is a one that I had for a pretty long time now, maybe five years but I still really like it. I don't wear it that often, maybe a few times each year. I just like to pick certain days each year to wear it, I'm not sure why? Maybe, that's why I still have it and like it after all this time, because I've never over worn it. I also really like the red and black floral print in this. It's very simple. I like to wear this dress with leggings, it's how I always seem to style it. I either wear heels or flats usually, this time I went with some cute little comfortable flats which I have been really loving lately. 
Thanks for reading.
Have a lovely week everyone! 

- KELSEY - xx

Friday, 5 June 2015

May Favorites.

Another month has gone by. Crazy isn't it? Here are our favourites of May.

Kelsey -
I buy a few new pairs of sunglasses every year, it's like an obsession maybe. This year out of the new ones I bought, these stand out most to me. I automatically go for these pair when I need a pair to wear. They are quickly becoming my favourite, possibly out of every pair I own and these were the cheapest pair I bought.

My leather jacket is my staple piece for this spring. It's just your basic black leather jacket and that's what I love about it. It fits nice and comfortable and it just goes with everything. I'd say it was my absolute favourite thing throughout May.

"So Cold" - Ben Cocks. THIS SONG!! I'm not sure how I only heard of this song a month ago but I quickly feel in love with it and had to buy it immediately. It's sad and depressing and I can't completely relate to it but it still draws me to it and I just want to hear it over and over because it's so beautiful. Everything about it - the piano music, the way it's sung - just makes it perfect. 

KIT KAT CHUNKY YEA! Okay, so, I used to love these when I was about 15. I just started loving them and that was the bar I would always buy. But, I stopped buying them, i'm not sure why because I never got sick of them or stopped liking them and I just never bought it when I seen it. I guess I wanted something different or was liking a different one and this one was long forgotten. BUT THEN ... I noticed these 2 pack kit kat chunky bars aka DOUBLE THE SIZE...and It caught my attention every time I was at the shop, so I picked one up (actually 3) and omg, how did I ever stop eating these. Then I started eating them for breakfast a couple times just because I had them. Don't worry it was only like 3 times. But, I bought another three the next time. And then finally, the two smaller ones you see above. I need to stop but oh my gosh, they are so good.

Kenecha - 

1. Dog Earrings - I seen these last month and I knew I had to get them! They are the cutest and I wear them ALL the time :)

2. Flowers - I notice these flowers growing in the yard and I thought they were beautiful, once fully grown I am sure I'll be taking more photos of them. (Also notice the spider that managed to get in the shot?)

3. Perfume - I got this one from my sister and I love it, I can't even begin to explain the scent I think it is more floral then anything though but it has such a unique scent that I can't quite pin point the smell.

4. Elimination Chamber - If you know me then you would know I love WWE wrestling. They recently had a ppv called "Elimination Chamber" one word AMAZING :)

How was your May?
Have a great weekend! :)

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Pink Dress & Wedges.

Wow I can't believe it is June already or what I like to call it another month close to winter. The weather has been super gorgeous lately even to the point of where I broke out my dresses.
In this look below I have on a simple pink dress that I bought for $6, I didn't like it first until I noticed it had pockets then I was sold and had to get it. I paired it with my pink wedges because I thought it was a perfect match! Hope you like this look :)

Oh one more thing, you have to check out my sisters blog, she is pretty new but she already has the hang of it. Her blog is A Red Lip & Love

Have a great rest of the week everyone :)