Monday, 31 August 2015

Little Daisies!

Little daisies featuring my little sister. :) 

I am in love with these cute little daisy dresses! They are so cute for the summer but can also be brought into fall with some tights or high socks! My sister, Chera and I bought these similar dresses, not purposely, last year and we haven't got much use out of them. I'm pretty sure we both wore them once on our own and forgot about them so we took them out and wore them. There's something about a little daisy dress that's so nice. 
Also, My sister looks nothing like me, I know. She looks like my other older sister. I have three sisters and I don't look like any of them. I don't even look like my parents. At least my little sister and I have similar personalities or I would defiantly feel like I didn't fit in. I only have things in common with her. Anyone else in a similar situation, feeling like the odd ball of your family? 

Anyways, what do you think of daisy dresses? And how many of you are jealous of Chera's "NATURAL HAIR" because I know I am. Lol!

Have a great Monday, everyone.

- Kelsey xx.

Friday, 28 August 2015


We got nominated to do the self love challenge, we thought it was such a great tag and thought why not do it! We got tagged by Miss Ellen. Thanks girl! :)

- Share 13 things you love about yourself, forgetting the word "selfish"
- Nominate 13 other bloggers to do this challenge
- Share the post using the hashtag #TheSelfLoveChallenge13

We kind of split this tag between us.

  1. I love how weird and awkward we are because it gives us funny memories or stories to look back at or something to laugh at about ourselves. We can always do something weird or be in an awkward situatioin and then we’ll be like , “Omg, we are the craziest people, How do we even have friends?”

Kelsey :

  1. I love my creative mind. I like that i’m creative and imaginative.
  2. I love that I can say no to things and have always been good with peer pressure and never did something I wasn’t comfortable with. I know a lot of young people give in to peer pressure wanting to impress other people and I’m happy that I was always able to say no.
  3. I like my personality. I know i’m a good person and I find it easy to like everyone. I’m shy but i’m very friendly.
  4. I like that both my eyes are slightly different in colour. You can’t notice from a distance but everyone who looks closely sees it. Once of my eyes is lighter than the other and has green in it while the other is darker and has very little green. My lighter eye is the same colour as my dads, and my darker brown eye is like my mother. (My sisters all have dark brown eyes like my mom) I don’t know why, it isn’t dramatic but it fascinates me.
  5. I like my taste in music. My friends have always liked rap, country, pop but none of them really shared interest in the same music as me. I’m more into indie and alternative and my friends would always give me a weird face and say “What are you listening to?” Even Kenecha and I are way different in our music taste. She would listen to "Lil Wayne" while I would listen to "Snow Patrol" But, I’m glad I have always had my own taste in music, because If I didn’t I know i would be missing out on something beautiful.
  6. I like my hair. I never liked my hair much but growing up I have always gotten so many compliments. I wouldn’t even be able to count the amount of people who said “I love you hair!” And I was wondering why they even like it. But, over time I’ve grown to love it. It grows fast and I like the colour and I can pretty much do whatever I want because it straightens and curls nicely and I can do a bunch of hairstyles with it because it’s so long. It has a natural curl the i’m beginning to love (Except for two stands on each side at the front which doesn’t really have a curl so I curl them myself which takes like 10 secs and that’s my hair done for the day.) I wish I have embraced it a lot sooner.

Kenecha :

1. I really like my eye color, I am the only one in my family to have blue eyes everyone else has brown. I am the only one who ended up with blonde hair and blue eyes growing up I always thought I was adopted.
2. I like to think I am funny, I don't usually take stuff seriously unless I need to.
3. I like the fact that partying and drinking do not make me happy like most people my age, what really makes me happy is nature that is my get away.
4. I rather be alone then be with anyone most of the time, I guess you can say I like my own company I guess because I am such a simple person.
5.You heard of that crazy cat lady? Well I am the crazy dog lady. I own 2 dogs and they mean so much to me. I am always worried over them, but I can't help it they are like my babies.
6. Even though I like my own company I love spending time with my family. Very soon I will be seeing my other sister and my nephew, the whole family will be together again and I really can't wait!
Hope you all enjoyed this, we didn't normally tag people so we ask anyone who wants to do this tag they sure can :) Have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Multi Colored Skirt.

Hey! How is everyone's week going? Great hopefully. The weather lately has been still hot but it is very slowly starting to become a little cooler. I didn't wear a skirt in a long time so I thought I would break one out for today's look. I paired a stripe shirt with this skirt and I thought it looked cute together. I also really like the big arms in the shirt, plus it is super comfy!

Is the weather starting to cool down where you are? Or are you still getting extreme temps? I am hoping that September will bring me the chilly weather that I love!


Monday, 24 August 2015

Lovely Kimono!

I fell in love with this kimono as soon as I saw it. I love the colours and the detail and of course, the fringe! It was probably one of my favourite pieces over the summer. I didn't even try it on at the store, I just bought it, as well as the top to go with it which you guys have already seen and I ended up loving them both so much. It's funny how I bought that white top just because I thought it would look nice with this kimono and now it's my most favourite top this summer. I wore the kimono with these purplish coloured pants because I really liked how it looked. I thought it was a great "end of summer, almost fall" kind of look. What do you guys think?

- Kelsey xx :) 

Friday, 21 August 2015

DIY: Lock & Key Necklace.

It has been a long time since we did a DIY post, actually this our first time doing a DIY since our Christmas snowflakes and how awful was that? Let us not dwell on that for too long, we thought hey lets try this DIY thing again. So here we are presenting a super easy DIY necklace. In the photos below are the item we used:

Kelsey - I'm not sure what to say about mine. I didn't really have an idea in mind so they just turned out like this. The bluish one kind of has an electricity feel to it, lol. The other I went with a gold sparkle, it looks much better in person, trust me. It sparkles in the light. They are two separate, I just threw them on the same string for the sake of the picture, tehe. And, I know what you're thinking, they look bloody awful but they were fun to make and I will probably make them again and they will look so much better. 

Kenecha - I did mine super simple, I love yellow so of course I had to use yellow to paint my lock. The keys were attached so I took them off and just painted one a glitter purple and decided I would make the lock longer than the key, so I actually made 2 necklaces with mine :)

Hope you all enjoyed this DIY I think we did a little better this time around then last time! Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Open Field.

Hey everyone! I need to first start off that yesterday was the hottest day this summer (shocking because it has been freaking hot all summer) and I was literally sick because of the heat. Myself and the dogs just lid down all day the temp was like high in the 30's! Ew, I am so over it.
When these photos were took it wasn't as hot but still too hot for me (of course :P). I feel like this is the first time I wore pants in an post in forever. I really wanted to showcase this shirt because I think it is super adore, it has little flowers and I really like the color.

In these last two photos do you see that horse in the back? I was so scared I ran away at one point because I thought he was coming to get me. I love horses they are so cute but I am actually afraid to be near one haha :) 

Hope you are all enjoying you summer weather, have a great day x

Monday, 17 August 2015

Short Shorts!

This month has really been making up for the lack of warm weather last month. We're still getting hot days and I love it. Yesterday, though, was a bit too hot. As soon as I stepped outside I was burning up. I wore a basic black tank top and these colourful shorts which are actually pretty short but in this heat, I didn't care. I love the bright colours. And it's basically all my favourite colours. Also, I really love these sandals! They are so comfortable, and I love the zipper in the back. 
The sun was literally so bright which is why i'm squinting so much in the last picture.

Anyways, Hope you all have a wonderful week! :)

- Kelsey - xx

Friday, 14 August 2015

Choies: Back To School.

Hello everyone! It is almost that time of year again, SCHOOL TIME! For all your back to school clothing needs you should check out Choies. They have a great selection of clothing with really great discounted prices. Here are a few pieces we thought were cute for back to school:

Kimono - View here.

Stripe Shirt - View here.

Stripe Sweater - View here.
Lace Jacket - View here.
These are just a few items, to see more go to :)
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Summer Is Almost Over!

I don't know about anyone else but I am so over this summer heat. This month has been crazy heat and I for one do not like that. The only thing getting me through is the fact that Fall is just around the corner.
To try and beat the heat I wore this high low floral dress. I love the off the shoulder look so this dress is one of my faves to wear, the material is pretty light so perfect for those hot days. I added my yellow clutch to bring out the yellow flowers in the dress.

What is the weather like where you live? Are you excited for fall like I am?


Monday, 10 August 2015

Summer Lovin'

The weather is so unpredictable where I live, you really never know what to expect. Literally in one day you could go from sun to wind and rain to snow. Lucky we don't ever get snow in the summer. But there was a day just before summer started that snow literally came out of nowhere. Anyways. Last week I was complaining about the lack of warm weather. This week I could complain about the heat but I won't because I've actually been loving it. We had so many gorgeous days, Some a little too hot, but I live near the ocean so I always have that breeze to cool me down so it's really not so bad.

The shirt I am wearing has literally become my favourite! I love it so much. And I almost ruined it!! Kenecha and I had chocolate milk one day and I spilled it all over my white shirt. I was so sad and I couldn't do anything about it until later that night when I got home so I was worried that once it dried in it would stain. Luckily, I managed to get it out after a night of soaking and scrubbing the next morning. I saved it's life, I think that makes me a hero. LOL! I love the front detail and the buttons and the way it flows although you can't tell because it's tucked in. I wore it with some ripped high waisted shorts and blue sandals to add some colour. 

Have any of you guys ever spilled anything on a white shirt that you loved? Frightening, isn't it?

- Kelsey xx :)